Metafit & Fusion HIIT

Metafit is a 30 minute high intensity interval training class (HIIT) which consists of bodyweight exercises that target the largest muscle groups in the body to get you better results in a much shorter space of time.

Not only that but Metafit will raise your metabolism meaning that you will continue to burn calories long after the workout has finished. Raising your metabolism will improve your ability to burn fat.

In Metafit there is no choreography or dancing so no need to worry if you don’t know your left from your right. But be warned, it’s tough; that’s why it works. If you want to see results then this is the class for you.

– See timetable for times and venue


This is a class lead by David for both men and woman who like pushing their body to the max. The workout is designed to target the whole body giving you leaner arms, firmer legs and a flatter tummy plus improving your fitness levels. Each class is 30 minutes and is different every single week. It’s a class where you will feel challenged but will match YOUR fitness level.

– See timetable for times and prices

*PLEASE NOTE: Advance booking is required for this class, pleaseĀ Contact Us so that we can confirm your place.


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